Guest room
Guest room
Guest room Japanese style guestroom with calm interior, and Western style room is also equipped.
Equipment for guestroom
washbasin,Rest room,Television,Telephone,Refrigerator,Safe
Dressing table,Japanese Tea set,Japanese bath robe,Face towel
Bath towel,tooth brushl,toothpastel,bath modules (not for all rooms)
Bathroom for men“Nikko-Dansyaku”
Bathroom for women“Nikko-Kifujin”
A big bathroom,and a private bathroom can be used by family members.
About the bathroom
Large bathroom Bathroom for men/ “Nikko-Dansyaku”
Bathroom for women/ “Nikko-Kifujin”
Type of spring Clear and odorless,Simple Alkaline spring
Effect Neuralgia, muscular pain, and frozen shoulder
Hours 5:00~10:00 15:00~24:00
Amenity shampoo, rinse, body soap,
For gentlemen/razor, hair liquid, brush, hair drier,
For ladies/Hair cap, skin lotion, brush, hair drier,
*Our bathroom is certified by the hot spring low.
*Our hot spring has some disposal methods such as circulated purifying, boiling and adding water.
We will serve for your relaxation and making good memories everytime you visit.
·1905 establishment
·Four storied and reinforced concrete building.
·Air-conditioned, elevator equipped.
·Emergency equipment.
·Capacity 100 guests.
·Check-in:15:00~(Latest 21:00)
·Guest room:22 rooms total. Japanese style room 20.
Western style room 2. (Restroom in all rooms)
·Bathroom for men and women.
·Banquet hall (100-mat wide with stage) *1 mat=6ftx3ft.
·Parking lot for 12 buses, 50 cars.)
Entrance Lobby
Coffee lounge Souvenir shop
Banquet hall Bath entrance